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Bunny Tail Grass is a beautiful ornamental grass (lagurus ovatus) with fluffy soft seed head. The Bunny Tails Grass is picked at the peak of bloom and naturally air dried. The Grass is sold in its natural shade of a Blonde or Creamy Tan with pale green stems. Color: Natural Blond Weight: 2 oz bunch Packaged: 16-20 inches Bunch/Case: 1″ to 2″ inches Price/Bunch: $10.00 per bunch Sold as Individual Bunches or by the...

Larkspur – Lilac

Categorized in Blue, Flowers and Herbs, Larkspur, Purple

Imperial Style Double Bloom Larkspur Color: Light Pink/Purple / Resembles True “Lilac” Color” Weight: 4-5 oz. Size: 20″ Packaged: Sleeved with Plastic, Air Dried Bunch/Case: 20 bu/cs OR Purchase by the Bunch Option Available Price/Bunch: $8.70 **PURCHASE BY THE BUNCH OR BY THE CASE** **PLEASE TELEPHONE WITH QUESTIONS OR SPECIAL REQUESTS...

Pearl Millet

Categorized in Grasses and Millets, Tan

This millet averages (26″ to 28″ total stem length), with the heads averaging 15″ in length. The stems and heads are stiff and erect, standing upright in arrangements. The color is a mix of deep brown on the underside with light shades of brown and olive green on the outside. The exterior has a slightly fuzzy texture covering the seed pods. Packaged: Sleeved with Plastic, Air Dried **CONTAINS SIX STEMS TO THE...

Globe Amaranth – White (Cream)

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Globe Amaranth flowers consist of stiff, erect clover-like blossoms on branches of silvery green stems, bearing in a variety of vibrant colors. The flowers dry as bright, colorful and showy as they are fresh, with color and integrity lasting for many years. The product ranges in length from 10″ to 14″ or longer; blossoms range from 1/2″ to 3/4″ diameter globes. Bunches can vary in length, blossom size and color intensity from...

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